Sit… Stay… Good Job!

When I was younger, I always wanted a dog. We had a mutt for a short while, but it got into a scuffle with the neighbor’s dog and became so nasty that we had to give it to a local farm (or so I was told). Senior week of college I purchased my first dog, ChaCha. Training her was an experience I’ll never forget – not difficult, just funny as hell! Then, a little over a year ago, I got a second dog, Junior. Being a boy, he presented a new set of challenges in training. Their personalities are different, but both dogs have become such joys in my life. Both dogs sit when told, stay (sometimes), come when their names are called (or when distinct sounds are made), and retrieve specific toys and give kisses when asked. I’ve never had a problem with either of them chewing on furniture or electrical cords. If they ever act up, I only really have myself or my husband to blame seeing that we’re the ones that trained them. As long as we take care of our dog owner responsibilities – like make sure they are fed and taken out to do their duties – I can officially say that I trust them at home by themselves.

Training is an interesting thing. Sometimes a given technique can work from one person/animal to the next, but often a technique may require modification or it may prove totally ineffective and, therefore, a different technique is used to deliver the same message. People learn differently and as trainers, we need to adapt. DDA Corporate and Medical Training (DDA CMT), a division of Dynamic Digital Advertising, designs and develops, among other things, sophisticated online eLearning tools for all learning types. Users can watch and listen to a presentation, take action by participating in virtual simulations, and test their knowledge by completing examination criteria. Every project is custom and each is an effective way to train staff or the general public, and proven so by programmed tracking/testing mechanisms reported through an administrative back-end system. Contact us to see how training works at DDA CMT.

And remember, once trained, let the trainee spread their wings a bit and show you what they’ve learned. For my dogs, good behavior is rewarded with a treat that tastes like bacon, but in the business world, the treat is the trainee that surprises you by taking what you’ve taught them to a whole new level you never thought of before – and the taste is sweet success!