Small Victories = Big Results

Sometimes the smallest victories are better than the biggest ones. Last night, my kids completely ignored me while they watched Frosty the Snowman and ate Doritos and I enjoyed a half hour of uninterrupted treadmill time. Finally I can use the treadmill while the kids are awake and not wait until they go to bed and think of 1,000 excuses for not dragging myself down to the basement. Somehow once the kids are sleeping, the couch has a stronger magnetic pull.

Small victories boost confidence and propel you through large projects with ease. Yesterday, I worked on an interface design for an e-learning training tool DDA is developing for a high profile client and this morning I nervously showed the staff my work and thankfully it was well received and sparked conversation on how the design could be adapted to accommodate the video and flash department’s functionality. There is still much to do and thankfully responsive clients, a well coordinated project and defined goals is keeping everyone focused and energized.