Snowed In? Not DDA

As a kid, snow days held as much appeal as Christmas. A forecast of several inches of snow usually meant a day off from school and hours of fun sledding, building snowmen, engaging in snowball fights, and other winter-themed activities. While I still try to bring out my inner child and make the best of the weather conditions, snow days don’t hold the same joy as they once did.  As an adult with responsibilities, snow equates to risk and non-elected physical activity. Yesterday I shoveled two times and once again this morning. As a result, I am aware of muscles that I never knew existed. Also, the drive into work this morning was a slow one with a few slips. Now I’m just hoping the piles of slush currently covering the Pennsylvania roads don’t ice over making the trek home a dangerous one. Despite these negatives, I can’t deny this winter wonderland’s beauty, and though I am closer to Thirty than sixteen, I still engaged in several fun-filled activities. Today though, it’s back to reality and the workload of a Project Coordinator here at our full-service medical marketing and advertising agency.

After sending out a change order for an eCommerce website our staff of professional graphic designers and custom programmers is currently working on, I will be delving into two search engine optimized (SEO) content development projects. Throughout the day, I will also address any issues that arise with a medical webcast project DDA is currently working on, as well as delegate any  updates that are requested to the medical and corporate sites we oversee and maintain. Though our staff is limited today due to the snow, I have no worry as each member of the DDA is multi-faceted in terms of their abilities. Our programmers can handle flash requests typically reserved for our video specialists and our SEO professionals can step in for a designer if the need arises. Yes, productivity will continue on at DDA despite the weather.