Snowed In

As I sit here my arms and back ache as if I’d begun the latest work out fad.  Unfortunately or maybe fortunately this was not the case.  Along with millions of others in the country, I was out shoveling myself out of snow for the 5th time this week.  Yes, that’s right, 5th.  This weekend the first snowfall required a shoveling twice, yesterday and this morning I was out 3 times to keep up.  At this point my car and sidewalks are mostly cleared, no thanks to my neighbors who did not keep up like we did and then pushed all their snow into our areas when the plows came by.  I feel no pity for those who have a driveway that needed to be cleared,  I had the equivalent of 3 driveways to clear.  It wasn’t the foot and a half to two feet of snow that was the issue, it was the partially melted and then refrozen muck that the street plows coughed up onto my cars and sidewalk.  I thought for sure that our planning ahead would be plenty of time to get shoveled out and on my way to work early, but it’s unfortunately not the case.

Luckily for me,  I can do just about my entire job from home.  I have my list of tasks to complete which I store in Google online and I probably have several days worth of work at my fingertips.  Of course I’ll head into work tomorrow and I’m probably not going to get much accomplished today with Luke’s school closed, but a half day of work from home is better than a half day of work from work where I have a miserable commute in and don’t get home till much, much later.  I will be working today on items within our interactive medical websites category.

There’s a project that includes a registration form for an archived webinar that needs updating to the dates.  There are also two other webinar registration pages that need to be altered according to the changes needed.  If I should happen to get through those, I have a search function that needs to be added to another client site, which means setting up the Coldfusion Verity service for that website.  After that, there is a new interactive medical site that can be set up so we can start working on it as well as process plans for another coldfusion based website.  In all, my day will be full, even if it is from home.