So much, yet so little going on

One glance at the headlines on my favorite geeky news website shows a lot of things going on in the tech world.  From bills in Congress related to broadband and streaming audio to new technologies leaping out from seemingly nowhere.  I don’t even have enough time in the day to read about it all (because I have to deal with making sure my hardware and software at home is up to snuff, and I can’t be spending work time reading about new tech stuff). When everything in the financial market seems to be grinding to a halt, we, the IT crowd are still churning out ideas, and the “stuff” to back them.

That’s a lot like the programming department here at DDA.  We don’t always have huge projects that we have to conquer directly as a department, but we play a role in every website that DDA puts out the door.  Sometimes it may be a simple “contact us” form, that emails a nice little email to someone at the website’s company.  Other times it consists of huge administrative pieces that show news or events or even ads on a page.  Even fancy effects with rollovers or popout menus are things we have to take over (lets not get started on how rubbish Dreamweaver’s new ‘ajax’ code is).  Most of this you would never know was done by the programming department, because it just so nicely fits into the design aspect of the website.  That’s right, we’re not meant to be seen or heard.  I heard a quote once (OK, heard is relative, it was probably in text) that says something like, “You only notice the IT department when something goes wrong.”  It is our job to make sure your website, your email, everything that you do on the Internet, works.  Most people would never guess how much time and effort goes in to something that magnanimous of a task.  Every day, we spend a great deal of time and effort to make sure that you don’t notice us.  It does little in the way of gaining praise and reward, but knowing that our clients are “not unhappy” is a reward unto itself.