so soon?

Yep, it’s Monday again.  After a long weekend of accomplishments, outings, and even down time, Monday’s here again.  Not that I’m really sad, though I enjoyed my weekend, I’m one day closer to the next weekend.  I got my posters framed, and they’re sitting in the office waiting for me to hang them, I ordered a dual flush toilet that should arrive before it needs to go in next week.  I never thought I’d be excited about a toilet (I am not including those nights the toilet is your best friend), I guess that’s what home ownership does to you.  Not too long after booting up my computer (and rebooting because of some random update) I was buried under a deluge of things that needed to be accomplished last week, or at least that’s what it feels like.  At least bagels and snacks are awaiting me post blog.

So with today’s tasks, seemingly quite overwhelming, I will have to make the best of my situation by charting out the programming tasks.  Of course in my position, nothing is ever quite as I planned it, but as soon as I complete this blog, I will be making out a checklist of all the wonderful things that I have to accomplish today.  At least in that I can stay organized and focused instead of sitting staring at the computer not knowing where to begin or how I’m going to get it all accomplished without throwing the tasks into chaos and bad code.

I was reading about fuel efficiency and MPG, and I thought that sort of fits with me today.  Unfortunately I have to perform like an electric car rather than a hybrid to make me more efficient.  Here’s the math.  Lets say I’m a 30 MPG little economical car.  I get about 3.33 gallons every 100 miles.  I need to upgrade myself to the 50 mpg hybrid, which gets about 2 gallons per 100 miles.  That’s a difference of 1.33 gallons per 100 miles.  Pretty decent eh?   Lets say I was a 18 MPG truck.  I would have 5.56 gallons per 100 miles.  I upgrade to a mid size car at 28 mpg, which is 3.57 gallons per 100 miles.  What’s this?  I’m saving 1.99 gallons per 100 miles?  How can it be that the smaller switch can be more efficient?  But that’s the math.  I guess though, I should have been less productive from the beginning, to make my efficiency seem better ;)