Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) is a web service protocol regimented through Extensible Markup Language (XML) as a gateway which is implemented in application layers such as Remote Procedure Call (RPC), Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) and Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP). This web service protocol is essential to Application Programming Interface (API) communication between clients and servers. SOAP employed the XML and HTTP protocols as a simple way to invoke methods from the server, assuming the communication is between client and server. SOAP is very important to web application developers, especially for developing e-commerce web applications, because the SOAP allows the communication to be channeled not only from client to server but server to server since many different services may be in many networks and computer platforms. For example, a shopping cart web application may be in one server and a payment gateway may be from another server hosting by another computer, perhaps PayPal, or Authorize.NET to name a few. Through SOAP methodology and technique integrating this two web services for the development of a fully functional shopping cart is feasible. At Dynamic Digital Advertising we see the use of SOAP methodology in web casting application through RPC protocols making video integration to web application fast and easy for user interactions.