Sound-coding my email

I’ve fine-tuned my email program to make different sounds depending on who is emailing me. For example, if your name is Crystal (DDA’s project and entire office coordinator) and I receive an email from you then my computer sounds something like this. Bing… ping. If an email from a client pops into my inbox then a bong… dong sound alerts me. My reasoning behind doing this is that (1) I could, and (2) while I’m working intensely on a brochure design or corporate or medical website design updates or HTML pages, I can know who is emailing me by hearing the sound coming through the speakers and then decide whether or not I need to give it my attention. It works rather well, and when a number of emails come in at once it’s rather melodic! So, if you happen to be walking by my office while I’m finding my way around an e-learning training tool interface design or custom logo design and hear bing… ping.. DONG… tink… I know that I better take a break, but if you hear a simple beep… ding…  I can keep on designing and take care of answering that email later.