Speeding up the world

According to new research, broadband usage is up.  This Pew Research report on Broadband shows that over 60% of the population have broadband at home, and less than 10% are now on dial up.  What does that mean to us?  Well, it means a great deal.  It means that now most of the Internet users, by a lot, are capable of getting the information faster than ever before.  It means that streaming video concerns are now a thing of the past.  It means that the big Flash interfaces that used to be a concern for most, we don’t really have to be concerned about.  Of course we’ll still go on the recommendation of our client, as to how the design will work, but the research shows we don’t have to really be concerned about the old standby of page load time.  Now we don’t want to go overboard, because people still don’t want to wait, and the waiting game numbers have changed in the process.

So when we’re putting together ideas for a client site, we can now factor in that most people will be looking at it through broadband or better connections.  Whether at home or in the office, that streaming video and image-laden Flash-based website will look just as good and load just as quickly as it does when we test it on our FIOS connection.