State of the Union

This coming Wednesday, the 27th of January, 2010, there will be a huge gathering of important people, all on the edges of their seats, listening intently to every word of a very powerful and influential man. Only the lucky few will be allowed to be there in person for this invitation-only event. What transpires could not only have a profound effect on American life for the next decade, but even the entire World.

That’s right, sorry Washington, I’m talking about the launch of Apple’s latest product. Though not officially announced till the event, 90% of pundits are 100% certain it will be the long-rumored tablet device. This iPad/iTablet device is such a closely-guarded secret that nobody knows the exact specifications or what it will be capable of.

Correct, tablets have been around for years now, even keyboardless ones, so what makes this so special? No one knows, but case in point MP3 players were around years before the iPod launch. It’s just that no one knew and the ease of use was not there.

This iPad could revolutionize the way we handle everyday data. School children could have one device for all of their lessons, no need for a backpack full of books. With an iPad with built-in eReader, students could simply whiz between reading or writing an essay at the flick of a switch, nah, how about the flick of a hand?

What is exciting us here at DDA Medical are the implementations for healthcare professionals.  A doctor could carry such a device around with him on his rounds, eliminating the need for a notepad and paper or a bulky laptop. He would have instant access to any of his patients records and details right at the exact moment he needed it. You could scan a barcode on pills to double check prescription information, reducing data input error and possible bad interactions.

The medical possibilities are endless. We look forward to a new decade of efficient electronic health care and all the benefits it brings.