Style and Function

I had a long weekend, and it was fantastic (except that insomnia woke me at 2:30 this morning and I’m still awake).  I started a new project at the house – prepping the walls of the living room to be painted.  Of course this being the house that I have, it’s not just filling in nail holes, it’s a complete project on its own.  Thankfully I’d already done three wall sections a while ago, but this weekend I had to tackle three other wall sections, and not the easiest.  There were three problems, one, sections of wall had the paint chip off the plaster and the previous owners just painted over.  Two, the previous owners were horrible at taping drywall, so the tape lines were either cracking or bubbled.  And third, there were areas where the plaster actually cracked, so the top coat was sort of only hanging on by being attached to itself.  All of this had to come down and get patched.  I’m currently on the final stages of this process, hopefully by Friday I can start priming.  I was able to finish in time for me to be able to enjoy the women’s NCAA Final Four games, you know, me and the 50 other people who watched on tv.

The projects over the weekend spawned the usual household problems.  There was a mess.  It’s not unlike me.  As I’d found out a few weeks prior, if you divide people up into their personality types, I fit into the ‘get it done right’ category, whereas I live with a ‘just get it done!’ type.  So my mess of a house isn’t always the most comforting for all who live there.  Since I’d rather do the job properly than the quick and ugly way that perhaps the previous owners did, it does lend to lengthier jobs.  But I like to be proud of what I do, it’s a reflection of who I am — so if it’s a poor half-hearted or under-educated job, I’m not happy.  Of course this is the same way I do everything, especially programming.  I like to have a well laid out plan, the type of project determines what plan it takes.  I like to have the opportunity to focus on that plan, focus on all the details that need to be accounted for, research what I need to, educate myself on the topic and then execute the plan.  Sometimes the plan needs to be changed, that’s ok, hopefully it doesn’t take a whole plan change.  Interruptions to the plan sometimes happen, but the more that do, the less the plan is effective, and the longer the task has to be drawn out.  Putting pressure to get it done sooner always causes a less-than-desirable outcome because corners have to be cut and plans need to be changed too much.

So when your expectations are set, be sure to realize what sort of a company you’re working with, and how your expectations are going to change with your crazy new ideas.  The ideas are probably great, and in the end DDA will give you just what you wanted, we do it well, because that’s just how we work.