Super Tuesday Patches

Once again another patch Tuesday has come and gone.  This week Microsoft and Apple both released new stuff.  The most interesting patch though, of course had to do with a Microsoft vulnerability.  Windows has Bluetooth capability.  It basically gives high speed data transfer between devices at very close range, usually within about 30 feet.  Personally, I’m not sure how this hasn’t been noticed before.  Maybe it’s the more widespread use of bluetooth technology, that it’s not just for geeks anymore.  But to me, this vulnerability is sort of a no brainer, all the attacker needs to do is be within a few feet of the bluetooth enabled machine to gain access.  Ok, so this is really close, and generally it’s not like the range will go outside of your house or office (can you imagine a little gremlin looking kid hunched outside of your office with a little laptop grinning mischievously?)  But, I know quite a number of people who gladly sit at various public locations with their laptops, working or playing or updating their mySpace.

Personally I won’t do the cafe sit with my laptop unless I’m desperate.  I had to once sit outside a Staples because I had to work from home and my Internet connection was down.   I was thankful for public Internet access that day.  Generally though,  I remind myself that I can hook in to a random wireless connection that might be bad for me (Google the ‘wall of sheep’ at the black hat and defcon security conferences).  So why on earth would I want to even have my bluetooth on, considering there are far fewer potential holes for it (you don’t need usernames and passwords to access things).

Anyway, keep just a thought on what you’re doing.  Just like driving a car at lower speeds means you’ll save gas mileage, taking a few minutes to make sure you’re being safer can keep your mileage on the net going longer.