Sure did get cold out there

This weekend was the first taste of winter, which made it a great weekend to bring out the Christmas decorations.  It also meant for me, the weekend to break out the tissues.  Apparently I was just not careful enough and wound up catching a bit of a cold.  It’s funny, up until Friday I’ve been very good with the whole keeping myself healthy even though everyone around me has been ill, but as I was cleaning up the house, I didn’t wash my hands after getting rid of Luke’s nasty tissues which he likes to leave wherever he’s sitting.  Now of course this has spurred me to insure that I’m after him making him throw his used tissues away, because, one eew, two, I’m not his maid, and three, he’s 12, plenty old enough to be a little more independent and responsible.  So I’m thinking Zicam and tea will be my steady diet for the next day or two and I’ll be back to ‘normal’ in no time.

So while I sit here a little tired and a little foggy, there is work to be done.  Form changes must happen first thing this morning for a client survey form.  There always seem to be little things that need to be added or taken away from any coldfusion programming based interactive website.  Once that is done, I have to make my way through whatever else there is that I had on my plate last week and don’t remember this morning.   You know, it’s kind of funny programming like that.  In my world, I have to remember program flow and details that would make most people run for the hills, but I do it by forgetting about everything else.  I won’t remember tomorrow what I was doing today, or even a few hours from now, such is the way I have to work, always looking ahead.  When that gets interrupted by something else that I have to process, like ‘hey can you do a quick quote for me’ or ‘I need this fixed right away’ or ‘can you help me out with deciphering what this means’ it honestly takes forever to get back to the original thing, because everything has to shift to the new task.  Not that I mind the interruptions, I really do enjoy that part of things too, it’s just distracting.