Technology, Entertainment and Design

These three words make the acronym for TED, a nonprofit whose motto is “Ideas worth spreading.”Since one of my good friends introduced me to TED a couple years ago, I have been frequenting the site on weekends and while working around the house, listening to various inspiring presentations. After listening for an hour or two, I’m usually left with great creative ambition although usually with no direction. I’ve always had a number of various interests and hobbies, a self-proclaimed jack-of-all-trades but master of none, and my interest wavers back and forth between them occasionally throwing something new into the mix. But just as Nathan Myhrvold sums up in his TED presentation (Rated PG 13), the least common denominator between these various things is me.

Technology, Entertainment and Design are also very dear to DDA. Entertainment applies in that we want to entertain people with our immersive interactive websites. We also work within the entertainment industry having created promotional DVDs for Warner Brothers and behind the scenes DVDs, such as that for the movie 300. But we could also switch Entertainment with Education. We want to educate people about products, medical devices, medical procedures. That’s why we enjoy working on medical simulations, medical eLearning tools and CMEs. All of us at DDA channel our creativity into the work at hand with the the latest technology and best design to entertain and educate.