The Benefit of a Well Organized ColdFusion Application

Background information: each time a client makes a request to the ColdFusion server the first thing to happen is the server searches for the application.cfc template beginning from the site root folder and keeps on searching every other folder and sub folder if the application.cfc was not found in the root folder. If for some reason the application.cfc was not found then the server starts searching for the application.cfm the same way. These templates are designed by the application developer to hold important global in formations that are usually propagated through the whole application. A well structured directory of ColdFusion template makes the application development process easier and more attainable. Having a well organized application will enhance portability, which makes moving the application to a new server easier without having to re-code your source code to adapt to the new environment. Having each related component and template in their own directory is not only good for organization, but also for application-level settings where each application page can share application settings and functions and also share web server security settings; hence, this technique also enhances application security.