The end of an era

Yesterday, without much of a fanfare, another one of the classics of the Internet faded away.  Geocities, a staple in the mid 90′s for anyone who wanted to try their hand at making a website, closed its doors forever, hopefully taking with it blinking text and pages full of animated gifs.  I look back to those years with a certain fondness, Mosaic, Netscape and IE, round about version 3, which took days to download and most likely didn’t install properly because you’d run out of hard drive space.  It was such a simple time of blue text on black backgrounds that no one could read, but someone thought it was cool.  Images were tiny files that stood out on a page like an alligator in a chicken coop.  Most of the time I didn’t even see those images, my poor little modem took too long to load those little 14k image files.  The days of WWW ‘chat rooms’ where you’d have to reload the page to keep reading the ‘real time text’.  Thank goodness IRC, muds, mucks and moos still exist today, otherwise I may just get sad.  But it seems no one wants an ad laden free website anymore, when they can just get an ad laden free blog that does all the work for them (ani gifs not included) and can easily find their friends and enemies alike, sharing every little thought that comes to their mind.

So the next time you see a snowing website, or a site that makes your eyes bug out with movement, think back and remember, one day they were all like this, look how far we’ve come.