The Future of Ethical Medical Marketing

Last week, I came across a very interesting article, titled “The Future of Brain-controlled Devices.” While reading, I couldn’t help but think of one of my favorite books in grade school, Brave New World by Aldous Huxley. I tell you, I find many technological advancements to be absolutely exciting, but when it comes to implanting devices into the body through invasive procedures and altering the state of a human being, I’m left with many doubts (to say the least). There is an innate responsibility that follows the introduction and adoption of new medical products/techniques/approaches, and it’s a responsibility that CANNOT be ignored.

As advanced medical technology continues to reach the mainstream, it is essential that medical marketing remain unbiased and objective, sticking to facts rather than appealing to needs. At our medical advertising agency, we uphold the highest level of ethical medical marketing practices, helping medical device manufacturers, pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, and healthcare professionals gain the exposure they want, but letting the consumer decide what treatments are worth further inquiry with a physician or specialist. For many clients in the medical community, we build sophisticated online medical eLearning tools that serve as either training aids to improve the proficiency of healthcare professionals and sales representatives, or as educational devices to inform consumers of alternative treatments, advances in disease prevention, and more.

As the article suggests, “Nothing is out of the realm of possibility.” however, nothing should be marketed in a way that persuades people to change their physiological core. Possibility bares responsibility.