The Generalist

As the weekend arrives, so does the latest ‘Nor’easter’ potentially dropping a foot of snow in our general direction.  With that will bring time to do nothing but spend time at home so I was thinking of what I could do with my time (other than of course playing video games) and of course could find no end to such.  The most important thing is an item that I’ve been putting off the last few weeks due to the cold, building an armor stand for Luke’s big Christmas armor purchase.  Basically he needs something to house his new helmet, shield and spear, so I thought that I could put together a wooden stand to do the trick.  Of course if there’s a foot of snow I will have to trudge 30 yards or so from the back door to the garage-barn where my electrical cutting tools are kept, so it probably won’t happen.  Or I could set Luke on the task of manually cutting the wood pieces with an old hand saw to keep him busy.  That might be an option.  At any rate, this begs the question, am I a modern Renaissance man?

Although I’m not a man, I have been many times over the years that I was somewhat of a polymath, or jack of all trades, but never thought myself to be likened to someone as amazing as say, Leonardo da Vinci, so I would have disagreed with the ‘renaissance man’ comparison.  He’s an amazing genius that I couldn’t ever compare to but I am on a lower scale of that.  So I can’t write with both hands in mirror images, design complicated machinery out of wood or paint amazing portraits, I can sew and cook,  and am relatively adept at carpentry and plumbing and can troubleshoot your computer.  At DDA, I’m not only part of the server maintenance team, but a coldfusion and flash programmer as well.  I’m really starting to believe what my parents have been telling me all along, I really can do anything.

So today while I work on finishing building out the interactive website portion I’ve been working on for our medical client, I will just keep reminding myself that I can do anything and not to be frustrated just because I’m still learning.