The morning after

Last night I sat on the couch as I have done many times in the last few months, captivated by the now President Obama, finding amusement last night in the rousing cheers on both sides of the aisle, thinking that just maybe something good will happen.  Optimism isn’t my forte, it’s far easier to be cynical than to see potential good in the future.  In a way, this is my job.  As a programmer, I have to work through all the little details of what crazy things users might do, or thinking on the level of the lowest denominator of user.  I have to think about the user who willingly attempts to cause destruction.  I have to deal with knowing that at some point a project is going to have errors, that I am not perfect, I can only do the best job that I can given the circumstances.  I can’t ever believe that a project will go just as planned; there will always be something to throw it off.  Expectations breed frustration.  Now I’m not saying we should all lose expectations, we should always expect ourselves to be our best us. When we put something or someone under unreasonable expectations, we can’t go crying foul when those expectations are not met.

DDA’s programming department, not unlike the U.S. in current times, can see inspiration in that speech we all watched from the couch.  Like Americans as a whole, we can do amazing things, even when the chips are down.  We could be set up for failure at the get-go and somehow pull off a magnificent feat.  So when the next custom website development project hits my desk, I am optimistic that we can handle whatever we’re thrown, whether it’s something in the Medical IT world or something in eCommerce or eLearning.