The mother of all elearning platforms

When answering the question, what is the greatest teaching tool in history, we need to start with the question, what is teaching?

The defines teaching as:

teach·ing (tchng)


1. The act, practice, occupation, or profession of a teacher.


a. Something taught.

b. A precept or doctrine. Often used in the plural: the teachings of Buddha.


1. Of, involving, or used for teaching: teaching materials; teaching methods.

2. Working as a teacher or in teaching: teaching assistants.


In simple, common sense terms, teaching is the presentation and sharing of information. Whether medical in nature, as when diseases and conditions are described, or when about life, food, health, growth, hobbies, languages, food, design, construction or any other of millions of topics, teaching is about having someone receive the information and remeber it, thus having learned by being taught.


With that said, then the greatest teaching tool in history, by a long shot is Google.  Whether to find someone, for shopping, researching, or trying to understand a topic or issue, visitors are always there for the same reason, to learn.


DDA and DDA Medical can help those visitors learn about your company, your organization, your service or product. DDA and DDA Medical can help Google visitors find you, what you sell, what you feel passionate about, what you want to teach the world.


If Google is the mother of all elearning platforms, then you might say DDA and DDA Medical are the midwives.