The post we’ve all been waiting for

WoW inspired warriorSo this Friday was Halloween, and as some may know, I have been working with Luke on his costume (division of labor I’m sure you can guess).  The grand unveiling came at about 9:30 AM at General Nash grade school, to the “oohs” and “aahs” of his classmates.  I had to bring the costume to him, he would never have made it on the bus.  It took a little bit of a beating while there (it’s only foam covered in flaky spray-paint that cracked wherever it got bent, it’s not like it’s built to endure kids) but he only lost one fingertip which I replaced later before trick-or-treating.  He was the hit of his class and of course couldn’t wait to get out to run house to house to ask for candy.  For the first year, I think it wasn’t so much about the candy as him being able to show off his costume.  It did go to his head a little, in the beginning he was asked questions like ‘did you make that yourself’ and he would answer yes, to the end where he was proclaiming that he made the whole costume all by himself, even before they asked, but isn’t that the point.  Make a cool costume and it’s all about getting the praise.  And of course I was all about him getting the praise, especially since I know that will spur him to make an even better costume next year, and carry on the great tradition of enjoying Halloween for the costumes and the decorating of the house.

Of course we did decorate the house, my mom came over after the kids were home for a while and got the front all decked out in Halloween gear, Luke and I carved pumpkins (his was ’scary’ of course, and mine wasn’t, strangely enough) that were lit up.  The whole front was covered in fake spider webs, and lots of fun orange and purple colored lights.  My mom stayed behind to hand out candy and we went out to get some goodies.  This of course also led to people complimenting the Obama signs in the front yard, to which mom said ‘well, there is a bit of a division in this house’.  Heh.

So now Halloween is over and soon too the political season will be as well, and it will be back to life as normal.  I can focus on work at DDA with all of our programming projects coming in (trying not to feel overwhelmed) and at home I can get back to working on the house.  In the meantime, there is still The Next Icon project that needs my full programming attention, with deadlines this week there’s not much breathing room.