The Right Way or the Easy Way

My girlfriend recently got turtles because she didn’t want someone from work to just release them into a random pond. They are red sliders and supposedly aren’t native to this area. They come from the south.  A veterinarian friend told her that they would either starve, die of disease, or thrive and take over the pond entirely. Either way something bad would be happening for one creature or another. So now she has a turtle tank in her room. Unfortunately the filter is broken. It makes sounds as if it is working, but the dirty water and waterless waterfall say otherwise. She ends up having to clean it every two days. It’s quite a hassle to have to do this and a new filter isn’t quite in her budget yet. She’s put them up for adoption to try to get them to another home instead of being tossed aside into the nearest body of water, but that could take a while.

There are always choices to make and ways to do things. There’s a right way and a wrong (but sometimes easier) way. Obviously in this case, just letting the turtles go into any random pond would be considered the wrong, but easier way to do things. I’m sure many people do this and it might just be that most people don’t know that turtles might have trouble surviving in these settings due to them being raised in captivity. Turtles do live in ponds naturally anyway, so it’s not too obvious. Adoption by a new owner seemed to be the acceptable method. A designated turtle haven might work as well.

DDA chooses to do multimedia the right way. It certainly isn’t the easiest, but it is the best for our clients and repeat business. When our programmers are custom programming a website form or login, we make sure to add in all the little extra security features that will safeguard the client’s and user’s information and prevent all currently-known hacking techniques. When we are posting a new website, we make sure to proof all the Internet copywriting content with fresh sets of eyes to make sure there are no spelling or grammar mistakes. It takes some time, but it’s better than having someone else find it way down the road. We archive all of our projects from 3D animation to corporate photography, so even if you lose your copy of it somewhere down the road, we will still have a copy on hand. Call DDA and get all the hidden value and quality that comes with it when we do it the right way.