The Spirit of Value

Spirit Airlines announced yesterday that they will now charge from $25. to $45. for carry-on luggage.

So let’s analyze this. You drag your carry-on bags around the airport, carry it on the plane, load it in and out of the cramped, slightly dangerous and awkward to load overhead bins and then pay for the right to do so.

Talk about adding insult to injury. It is sort of akin to the traffic authority slowing you down and/or stopping you at a toll booth only to burn more gas and then pay money into a machine just so you can continue your trip.

The interesting aspect was that when you total the fees and charges to fly Spirit, pay for the extra fees, including baggage charges and buy lunch on-board, your total flight cost is about the same as one of the premium carriers. This is the kind of false value that afflicts the web design and custom application programming world that exists today. Low-ball bids, that never get you where you want to go are NOT the way to win business. DDA and DDA Medical’s full service, but well priced, custom digital design, video, photography and elearning development work is always comprehensive, always  exquisitely planned, always the right solution and always the best value.

Combined with extensive experience, passionate people who care and innovation not to be found anywhere else, each DDA and DDA Medical solution makes for the overall best value and results.