The Sum of all the parts

DDA has grown to eight divisions over its’ fifteen year history. Each division has a specific purpose, represents a diverse but defined set of services and integrates with the others to form a near perfect whole.

Aside from the father of them all, or the mother of them all, to be politically correct and non-gender specific, DDA Corporate, AKA, there are:

DDA SEM- Search Engine Marketing and Social Network Marketing and Search Engine Optimization the drives Internet traffic and turns websites into destinations.

DDA Medical- Everything in medical marketing, promotion, elearning and promotion for clinicians, institutions, medical device manufacturers, biotech firms, pharmaceutical companies, and patients.

DDA Video- The motion in emotion. Visual effects and the visually effective from DVDs to web-based video to YouTube style websites to social networking videos, trade show videos, corporate sales videos, medical animations and so much more. The A-z of VIDEO.

DDA USA- Great US advertising and marketing for firms across the border or around the world. If you need to sell to the USA, you need DDA.

DDA Interactive- The cool, the digital, the compelling user experience. Find it here at DDA’s leading edge incubator for games, experiences, avatars, virtual reality, augmented reality, panoramic spins, elearning platforms and more. If its an emerging technology, it probably emerged very early or first at DDA.

DDA CMT- Corporate and Medical Training…BORING, not any more with the fun filled and engaging user experiences created by the think tank and design/production house at DDA. Animation, special effects, medical simulations, virtual tours, interactive testing. Go from Boring to Breathtaking @ DDA.

DDA APPS- Want to run your sales force and marketing team, there’s an APPS for that. Want to teach online via a CME and offer testing and provide certification, there’s an APPS for that. If you want to develop a personal health record, or a grant application program or n Electronic Medical Record…well there’s an APPS for that too.

Put them all together and you have the most technologically advanced advertising and marketing agency on the planet…AT YOUR SERVICE.