“There are no gains without pains.” – Ben Franklin

I woke up with a headache this morning, and I was a little concerned about my productivity today, but it’s starting to fade a little, so I’m hoping it’s going to go away soon.  We got an email first thing from Elizabeth letting us know that we will close the offices on account of the predicted snow on Wednesday which is both a curse and a blessing.  On the one hand, we have the day off to enjoy the snow (or sit home and play video games, which is more likely what I’ll be doing) but on the other hand it puts a kink into my Friday plans.  Two appointments now have to be rescheduled or I have to take time off to get there.  Either way it sort of wrinkles the plans.  But today is my concern for the day, I’m not going to stress out about further on this week.

I have continued work on the flash flipbook that’s been a great learning experience as well as a paragon of frustration.  But as wise people tend to say, nothing great is ever achieved without a good deal of hard work, and in this case, there is definitely truth in that.  It makes sense as a human being to suffer as a human, over coming things  and learning from the trials that we face.  So today, I will get to learn from those who have gone through before me, since the back cover of the flipbooks aren’t loading.  Once that is figured out, the interactive parts are almost done.   I just have to finish building out the menus on the middle three flipbooks and get a button going to a form and we’re just about done. It feels pretty good to get at least some semblance of completion in this case.