Thirty Years Later and still True Today

I read Elizabeth’s Blog on Monday about the eruption of Mt. St. Helens some thirty years ago. Everything she says is true. The loss of lives and devastation to the environment was dramatic. We were scheduled to travel, by car to Spokane, early the morning of the eruption. We would have been stranded, our new car damaged and there was some slight possiblity that we could have been hurt. We certainly would have been taken by surprise and scared.

What Elizabeth did not say was that the reason we did not take that car trip to Spokane was that she refused to go. Despite my protestations and annoyance at her stubbornness, she just refused. No explanation, no flexibility, she just refused.

Ever since, I’ve done a better job of listening to her instincts. About people, places, things, events, deals etc. Her instincts are always right. So, when important business decisions are made at DDA, you can be sure there is always a measure of female intuition mixed in along with our decades of business experience and our mental notes from thousands of advertising, marketing and elearning projects.

Hey, it was true thirty years ago, and it is still true today!