Three Ways to Take Your Local Medical Facility National

The local healthcare provider and patient relationship is one that is built on referral and recommendation. Try networking among primary care physicians, become affiliated with medical institutions that are staples within the community, and reach out to your neighboring patient demographic. Do these things well and you can compete against regional rivals and grow your patient base. But, how do you take your medical organization to the national level?

Taking any business national typically means going where the consumers are. However, when the product is an immovable object, like a medical practice or hospital, the challenge is reaching these consumers through a variety of smart medical marketing strategies. Below are three ways you can take your local medical facility national:

1.      Create a Solid Web Presence – It’s not enough to simply be online these days; you need to create and develop a solid web presence. Allocate the budget necessary for a professional medical website design. Your website leaves an indelible mark on users and if it is designed poorly or looks cheap, users will have a negative impression regardless of how high-end or state-of-the-art your brick and mortar facility really is. Another way to create a web presence is to consider producing medical webcasts. Stream presentations, lectures, or targeted messages to patients and colleagues. Viewers will see you on the web as the expert you are in real life.

2.      Put a Face to the Name – Before patients pick up the phone to schedule a consultation, make travel arrangements for an appointment, or even consider utilizing your services in any capacity, they want to know who you are. While local patients may have heard about your facility, patients based far away may have nothing more to go on than what is presented online. So what does it mean to put a face to the name? Well, in the literal sense, you can post pictures of your physicians and staff on your website, and include bio information regarding their clinical background. Hire a video production company to go on location to your facility, capture footage of your waiting room and examination rooms, and interview patients and staff so that the friendly environment you provide really does shine through.

3.      Build Cohesive Digital Campaigns – Competing nationally means you are competing against the heavy weights, and these heavy weights typically deliver when it comes to medical marketing campaigns. Be prepared to do the same or you will forever stay a stagnant local yokel. Building a campaign doesn’t mean throwing a lot of money out of the window. It means investing in relevant touch points. Consider investing in advertisements on Pandora internet radio, posting important messages on your corporate Facebook page, and developing mobile applications that enable you to reach patients on the go no matter where they are. Make sure your messages are consist from one source to the next, so the medical community understands who you are.

Going national is a big step in the evolution of your medical facility. It will require you to significantly rethink your internet marketing strategies, your perception of mobile technology, and your idea of connecting to and communicating with patients around the corner and across the country. DDA Medical can help you navigate from small back roads to the superhighways of success. Contact DDA Medical at 215-355-6442 or and we’ll help you get there.