To Give Thanks

This time tomorrow, I’ll be in the kitchen helping my mom finish all the side dishes and turkey in preparation for a big Thanksgiving dinner. She will set the table with her best china, silver, crystal, and serving platters, some of which are heirlooms 5 generations deep in our Welsh/Irish heritage. For one night, one meal, we will eat like kings and queens. But the Thanksgiving holiday is much more than a delicious dinner to be shared with friends and family; it is a special time of the year that causes people from all walks of life to give thanks.

To be thankful is an individual and personal experience. For me, I am thankful for my husband, who is my love and source of strength and laughter. I’m thankful for my mom, sister, dogs, and extended family and friends, for standing tall against economic adversity, for trying new things and sometimes succeeding, for sharing in what seems like a global realization of what’s most important, for seeing the first African American President take office (regardless of political stand), for hope for brighter days, and the list goes on. I’m also thankful for having the chance to live my dream of being an advertising copywriter at a progressive marketing and advertising agency, for working on exciting projects like CME webcasts and interactive eLearning tools that make a difference, and for working with a great team in an environment where I’m able to smile at least once every day.

Happy Thanksgiving!!