To Palliate or Not

Every morning in my inbox I receive an email with the word of the day.  I rarely remember what they are, even though the words are fantastic.  I like the idea of growing my vocabulary.  Most of the time, the only vocabulary that grows is the kind with made-up expletives when stumped by some problem that is difficult to figure out.  This is where “palliate” comes in:


verb tr.:
1. To ease the symptoms of a problem without fixing its cause.
2. To make an offense appear less severe by excuses or apologies; extenuate

As a programmer for interactive websites, most of my job is finding little things that go wrong.  The best programmers in the world are the ones that can not only come up with genius ideas of how to solve a problem, but also be able to get to the root of problems not created by yourself that come up in daily work and fix them, rather than just appear to fix them.  Sure, maybe the function works when it’s been palliated, however, in the end, did that solve the problem completely or has it made it worse?