To Taste

Does this picture look familiar? Maybe this is you; give or take gender and a few years?

If so, it’s OK, you’re not alone. There are a number of reasons for picky eaters - one being that some people are naturally more sensitive to taste, smell, and texture. Personally, I love most foods, but put lima beans, water chestnuts, or liver pate in front of me and I’ll excuse myself from the table faster than you can say “Dinner’s ready.” Everyone has their own quirks – some people prefer medium rare while others medium well and some people request grated cheese while others are lactose intolerant. So goes life. Our differences in taste make the world go round, extending from food to fashion and beyond.

At our advertising and marketing agency, our clients stem from a wide range of industries – in businesses large and small, near and far – and run the spectrum of taste. Some are so particular that they pick every element apart, analyze each in great detail, and debate for weeks on changes only to approve the originals while others are sent a piece of work – whether it is brochure copywriting, a advertisement design, a promotional product video, or an interactive eLearning tool – and approve as is almost immediately upon receipt. That’s the nature of the work we do every day at DDA. If you were a picky eater as a kid (and maybe still are as an adult), it’s OK. Contact us and we’ll give you a feast that will more than appease your appetite, it will be to your taste.