To the benefit of Mr Kite

DDA’s website clients (whether they be medical or otherwise) come in such a wide range, it’s truly amazing.  We have large multinational corporations that come to us for interactive tools, small mom and pop business to business ecommerce sites, agencies who need us to put together the final touches for their medical corporation clients, and everyone in between.  The projects themselves even have a range, but in this case knowing what they need.  Some clients come to us with an idea and nothing more, others come to us with a full plan and specs.  We can easily handle both, but one of those types is a bit tough to start out in comparison.

Here at DDA our mission is to provide great website production service at a reasonable cost. In order to do that, we must have the idea for the website fleshed out before we can give a good price.  Sometimes our clients expect that is what we’ll do.  We have done branding and logos for as long as the company has been together, it follows suit that we can help them get the most of their databased materials.  The problem lies within here, where we have no idea what the actual website will do before we have to give them some time and dollar amounts to get it done in.  This does not benefit DDA in any way.  If we make a wild guess (which is must be, since the discovery process happens after the quote has been filled) and we’re wrong, either over or under, but mostly when we run over budget, we begin the process of having to go back and revise.  No company, even ones with no idea of what they want in the beginning, want to pay more for a project to be completed.  It happens of course, we can’t predict everything, but we can have a better idea of what things are going to cost when we see a fuller picture of what we’re going to do.

So to sum up, a little process goes a long way.  Before we take on a project, it’s best to work in the discovery and have a good plan to keep everything accurate.  Our clients will be happier, we’ll look even better, and projects will go smoother.  If we don’t, no one benefits, except maybe Mr Kite.