Tuesday relaxation

Yesterday I spent my day ‘off’ helping some family move.  I was fortunate enough to not have to do the heavy lifting bits like unloading the truck, but I was still in charge of getting things set up in the house, like putting the beds together, arranging furniture and such.  I didn’t get out of having a sore back by the end of the day, so today being back in the office sitting in a chair is a little uncomfortable, but much better than the alternative of further backbreaking work.  It was fun though, overall.  Luke was showing off his muscle and getting to learn about how certain tools work, which is always good, and we had some great conversations while putting together stuff.  He was annoyed all day that his sister was sleeping, but I told him he’d be rewarded at the end of the day.  My thought was that I’d take him to GameStop, but his grandfather had other ideas — Luke earned a medieval sword.  It was pretty cool.

So now that I’m back in my chair, and having learned that I have to reboot my computer with the second monitor plugged in rather than plugged through the video splitter, I have some programming work to do.  I haven’t been checking the logs in quite some time and got a few error messages sent through this morning that need to be fixed.  A programmer’s work is never done, there’s always something that you’ve not thought through enough to see what users might try to do, even if the code is generally sound.  It’s funny to me, that no amount of testing can sometimes find those random things that users want to try to do.