Tuesday to do

For some of the programming we do, we utilize open source libraries.  JQuery is my javascript library of choice at the moment, though it does have its shortcomings.  I have so far found it easier to work with than say YUI (yahoo’s user interface javascript library) or scriptaculous, both of which I have used in the past.  jQuery is a little javascript file that basically makes it easier to interact with the elements on a page.  There are many plugins for the library that build on the jquery library to do other functions such as showing little popup windows, making pieces draggable around the screen, or just making forms easier to fill out (that is of course if javascript is enabled).  So far I have done a few things with draggable and droppable objects, in one project we have going, there is a way to assign a task to a user by dragging the task on to the user name, or vice versa.  For the most part though, I use jQuery for it’s AJAX capabilities.  In one simple call, I can return a value from a coldfusion page in what looks like a simultaneous event. 

Last night I was online doing some car comparisons (yes, I’m someday getting rid of my truck) and found that some sites were difficult to navigate even with javascript turned on, but since I have javascript turned off, I found that even more sites were completely useless.  So things look flashy and interact well, but if I can’t use it, I can’t use it.  Now I can turn on javascript for certain sites, which is basically all sites I visit, I wish there were more programmers out there that actually could do some of the fancy stuff without requiring that javascript be turned on to get a basic version of the site.  Oh well, I can only do what one programmer can do.  I think it’s still important to have your site ‘degrade’ gracefully, regardless of the new fancy programming out there, but that’s just me.