Tuesday’s Programmer is full of grace

Ok, maybe that’s debatable, but I feel very graceful today.  I am sure it has everything to do with my peppy new 2009 Honda Fit and nothing to do with the disgusting cough that’s still lingering from my upper respiratory infection.  Driving in to work is much better now that I have a car that goes, and that I’m not worried the wheels will fall off of any time.  Now, I’ll miss my truck greatly, but I was due for an upgrade.  I will be all worried today driving of course, when I got my truck I backed into a car the first day I had it, so I’m fully expecting something disastrous, especially since I’m not used to the size, nor the hatch back.  But, even though all I want to do is go for a drive, it’s time to buckle down and get some work done.

Today I feel like I finally have time to breathe (as well as I can with the cough).  After last week and a really annoying email problem, and dealing with its after-affects, I can finally get back to programming.  Yesterday was full of putting together times on quotes, even as the stock market crashes, we’re putting together quotes for people who still want to do work on their websites. But today my schedule is free and clear to get working again on the project that I’ve been most excited about for years now, the DDA Pulse.  This project integrates our custom intranet in a modular fashion, so we can start developing general plugins that can be installed and run similarly to some of the modules in other big open source projects.  It’s a huge undertaking and I really haven’t had much time to do anything but update code and bring some of the older projects up to my today standards, but we’ve officially become a project, with a project coordinator and weekly meetings, so I’m happy to get moving on it.