“Twofer” Tuesday

Tired with a headache. That’s my “twofer” (two for the price of one) for today. This past weekend’s foray into dust bunny slayings has left my sinuses in trouble, and given me a two day headache. This combined with the Sunday night fiasco is making my Tuesday a little difficult to bear. On Sunday night, at precicely 2:46 AM, there was a crash and a flash outside my house. At first we thought it was inside, but since it was more quiet than usual, we decided it wasn’t in the house and we could go back to sleep. A few minutes later, additional constant flashing woke me again. It was then I realized that our power was out and there were emergency vehicles within view across the field, and others coming down the hill. So for the next three and a half hours, flashing lights and the familiar ‘beep beep beep’ of large trucks backing up, along with the hum of deisel engines kept us from getting a peaceful night of sleep. Last night was much better, though it will take a while for the two-fer to subside.

So today as I struggle to not just lay my head on my desk and nap, we have continued work to do. There’s a patient database that needs to have many additions made, and although I’d like to think that I could program that in my sleep, the practical application of that saying is unattainable. Yesterday brought about 10 changes to the user table that needed to be made throughout the code and the database, as well as the addition of tables for listing certain selectable elements for within the user table changes. Today’s task will be adding medications and allergies via ajax. The client would like to be able to add multiple allergies and medications to the patient database with a little field and a button that says ‘add’ which then of course tags it on to the page. I believe this would best be done using some jQuery to have it automatically add to the database without having to refresh the page. It seems to me that it’s getting more and more difficult to have standard web programming practices anymore. Everyone wants things to function just like they would if they were on a desktop application. I understand this of course, but it makes the programming that much more time consuming and difficult, let alone testing.?