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Recently, I had to do some code programming for DDA in JAVA for a desktop application. It’s been a while since I wrote anything in JAVA (about five years), but the amount of syntax errors I made was small. I forgot how fussy the compiler is when coding something as simple as assigning a value into a variable. In JAVA, you have to declare what type of variable it is, then do the assignment which in many other web scripting languages like PHP or Coldfusion it doesn’t matter what kind of value gets assigned to it. There is only one type of variable and it doesn’t have to be declared. Although in JAVA there does seem to be a ton of coding examples and pre-defined functions out there that lets you do some imaginative and complex operations relatively straightforward. I also like programming with the NetBeans IDE better than Dreamweaver because the real-time error checking is deeper and more descriptive and the auto suggest seems to be a little more perceptive. I probably won’t get to use JAVA much moving forward, but it is nice reminiscing about programming languages I’ve used in the past and get to use it again.