Code Programming

When writing code in programming, we try to research what the latest technologies and trends are to produce the best website at the time. Some of our latest sites have AJAX embedded in them. AJAX can really enhance the way users interact with a site. Also, it  can be quicker then reloading the entire contents of the page. AJAX is an acronym for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML. It’s a way for server-side scripting to communicate with client-side scripting without any loss of security. AJAX isn’t necessarily a new technology, but an improvement on existing methods of coding. It can do a wide range of things, including loading pictures and forms within pages, and making live calculations in a shopping cart or an e-commerce application. This programming can help path the way for new drag and drop shopping carts built on some frameworks such as, Yahoo UI Library, and Adobe FLEX, which can improve a user experience within a website design.