Last weekend, I moved from Chalfont to an apartment in New Hope.  It was rough because I was recovering from the Flu and lost about three days from being too sick too pack anything (Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday).  I spent the better part of Friday and Saturday moving furniture and other items, because I had to be completely out by the end of Halloween which is probably the last thing that I wanted to do on Halloween.  I would like to thank all the people that took time from their weekend to help out (my parents, Beth, and Colby).  I’m still not completely set up, but hopefully by the end of the month I will be setup and be able to locate everything I need.

At DDA, We moved to a larger facility around March of 2008.  We all contributed with the move to get set up as soon as possible and not lose much of our efficiency to do the work that we needed to do.  Some of the things that I assisted with was setting up the PBX phone system and setting up the network.  One of the problems that occurred was running into a lot of cut network and phone wiring from the previous owners which had to be re-run.