Unexpected fun

Last night I had a revelation of sorts.  I have been using my driving time the past week or so to listen to the book on cd of Wicked and decided that I should also go and read the books that started it all, with the Wonderful Wizard of Oz.  I found that there are more than just that book available, and better yet, they are in the public domain so there is no longer a need to pay a publishing company for a printed copy, I can read it for free (or on donation to the websites to keep them running), if I can find an eBook online.  My revelation was that out there in the wilds of the Internet, there are huge sites like Project Gutenberg which collects books in the public domain and digitizes them so that we techies may in turn read the books online or on our favored book reader.

Project Gutenberg boasts 30,000 books with similar sites and affiliates adding hundreds of thousands more.  While looking for an application to convert simple text files to something more pleasantly readable for my kindle, I found a glorious collection of “hacks” that I’m also very happy to read about.  What was once a strange gift is now one of the most exciting things I’ve ever gotten because of what I get to learn.  Not only is it a platform for the best kind of eLearning in reading classic literature itself, but hours of fun playing with a toy that seemed once so simple, and has opened up ideas  I didn’t quite expect.  So while I’m working on the healthcare training and teaching tools here today at DDA Medical, I will also be dreaming of teaching myself the tools in the little electronic book format when I get home.