Up and running

I walked into DDA this morning late, as we opened later due to the possibility of poor roads, just to keep us from feeling frantic when traffic was bringing us down.  Upon entering, it appeared that our intermittent network issues from yesterday had spawned into an all-out negative connection.  Those of us who arrived earlier than our 8:30 a.m. open, arrived to find no computers able to access the Internet and thus, unproductive people.

So as usual, Mick and I scrambled to figure out what the issue was.  After rebooting all of the boxes in the back, it seems some had connections and some did not, which then led us to believe, thanks to Tyler’s suggestion of last night as told by David, that one of the routers was failing.  What I instead found out that seemed to be a key element was that we had canceled our backup DSL line, which was still feeding into our VPN Router. It wasn’t anything that was failing, it was the fact that we didn’t know we no longer had the service and everyone forgot that we had the two lines feeding into our system for failover.

So once that was unplugged, all was well again in the world.  Actually, it was better than well, the Internet seems to be flying today where yesterday it was annoying at best.  So hopefully thanks to some quick thinking and generally good response, like we always provide at DDA, our staff is back up and running, doing their writing and programming and building the interactive websites and medical videos.