Video Compositing Wonderland

Throughout the week, the studio has been slowly transforming into a video compositing wonderland with green screen covering nearly every square inch. Cameras have been checked, mics have been placed, tape stock has been replenished, and a test shoot was performed to check out various camera angles and lighting conditions. Needless to say, we’ve been taking every precaution to ensure the shoot goes as smoothly as possible.

This all-in-house shoot is for one of our pediatric clinician clients and will basically consist of an “interview-like” educational chat between an actual doctor and an actor posing as a concerned parent.  We’ll be shooting with multiple cameras simultaneously to capture the spontaneity of the conversation and ensure perfect continuity between cuts.

Once selecting the best takes, we’ll be compositing our talent into carefully crafted 3-D environments consisting of medical examination and waiting rooms. This not only gives an incredibly realistic image but also provides great freedom in post production.

Below are some sneak preview pics of our setup. I’m really excited to see what DDA Video and DDA Medical creates this time!