Virtual Medical Simulations

These past few weeks DDA has been working on a virtual medical simulation for a very high profile client. My focus has been to keep the client’s branding guidelines in mind as we develop this useful tool and apply our design shell behind, in front of and around the medical devices. DDA Medical and DDA Video have been working closely together to provide these unique tools to our clients eager to see their medical devices come to life on-screen which will allow them to train their doctors, lab technicians, etc. through simulation.

Simulated virtual medical procedures like the ones we develop at DDA allow interns, medical and nursing students to practice a technique before going near a patient. This technology allows users to see multiple views, and bring visual realism to medical virtual reality training simulators. Our project coordinators keep all the individual pieces of these multi-tiered projects organized so that even the most complicated procedure or exercise is correctly rendered and perfectly performed for the user to watch, interact with and learn from.