Virtual Training Tools

Virtual Learning Environments can be presented to a target audience in many ways. The presentation could be a website or it could be totally mobile. It helps the DDA development teams to create an optimum tool when they know what the goals are for the learning system.

Take a website as platform, apply a custom graphic design, add blogs and forums and an administrative backend, include a test where applicable and a certificate of completion and the result is a robust tool on a modest budget.  Variations of this example are available to any medical or corporate client looking to design training tools that are cohesive and have a long shelf life. And now, we are designing these sites aware that they must go mobile too.

At DDA, we take a blank slate, work closely with the client from concept to implementation, and produce winning results.  When it comes to innovative, sophisticated training tools for both the medical and corporate arenas, we always deliver. Not all design agencies are created equal. At DDA, we pride ourselves in being able to do it all.