VMS, Our Newest Responsibility

When we stepped outside this morning, I was startled to see a hard frost on our windshield and our driveway almost white with pear petals (we have ornamental pear trees). It was a strange juxtaposition of Mother Nature’s ability to fool you. It looked like it was snowing, but the grass was dotted with dandelions. Old timers tell me they have never seen anything like this. But then you can use that statement for much of what’s going on in the world today, not just the weather.

Today everything is unpredictable. The world is changing and shifting, and we all need new rules, new strategies. When the dust settles, those that can turn on a dime will have survived. At our marketing and advertising company, we know we have to maneuver wisely.

Today, we chart our course based on our signed projects, and right now we are immersed in virtual medical simulation projects for two very prestigious companies. Today we learned that even if we are far from finished, both companies want us to create “teaser”presentations that they can utilize to get their respective marketing and sales teams fired up. And they need these in a few weeks.

How cool is that! Somehow, knowing that medical personnel are going to benefit from learning on DDA’s eLearning platform is not only a source of pride for us, but also assurance that we are doing work that will help doctors, nurses, medical technicians and eventually patients.

Virtual medical simulations by DDA, our newest responsibility.