VMS, The DDA Way

The intricate, complex phenomenon that is virtual medical simulation is alive and well at DDA. Twice a week, our staffers including a lead project coordinator, our director of video arts, our media specialists, and the marketing arm confer with two very high profile clients on the medical virtual simulation projects these corporations have entrusted to us.

There is great internal buzz already at both companies about how useful these simulations will be as teaching tools to medical interns and nurses all over the world. It is humbling to realize that the work we are doing is going to save lives, but before it does that, it is going to give medical practioners the confidence to approach delicate procedures without risking major damage and unnecessary pain to the patients involved.

When you think of those things, complaining about what ails the world right now pales. After all, as a responsible organization, our greatest hope is that we are a force for good. And we are off to a good start, thanks to VMS, the DDA way.