VMS, The Right Choice For Medical eLearning

According to the research out there, the average grocery store offers customers 47,000 choices. Understand that this includes all the fine print that talks about sodium and calories and the blaring ads about no trans fat and the latest trend, organic. If you really want to be an informed food shopper, you have to spend some time studying the literature and the ads and the health pages on various websites. The choice is yours.

Just as the choice for an astute marketing or procurement person in a company is to educate himself or herself about the choices available when promoting their services and products. And things change rapidly in this internet age, so to get the best bang for your buck, you have to keep up with the pioneers.

One of those pioneers in medical eLearning platforms is DDA. We don’t have 47,000 choices (thank goodness), but we have the right choices. And the exciting projects our different departments are  involved in today are virtual medical simulations. It is very complex and very technical and when these projects go live, the collective comment with be COOL!

So stay tuned.