Walking in Another Person’s Shoes

On occasion, I’m called upon to cover for one of my fellow employees while they’re out. Since everyone here at DDA is ultra conscientious, I never have to worry about being put in a bad position. Everything is handled as well it could be before their leaving and there is always a comprehensive outline of ongoing projects. However, subbing for anyone can sometimes be a challenge, since the primary goal is making sure there are no bumps in the road for our clients.

While taking on someone else’s responsibilities  definitely adds to my work load and can make things a little more hectic than usual, I enjoy it. It gives me an opportunity to experience someone else’s job and almost always makes me that much more appreciative of that person. Here at DDA we all have our own things going on. Yes there are tons of multimedia projects like eLearning platforms with virtual medical simulations and website design and development with integrated video production, but everyone of us has our own specialties. Even those of us in the same department take on different roles.

From afar, no one would ever be able to pick out the intricacies of a person’s job or realize the judgment calls and quick actions that need to happen day to day and can usually be done instantaneously and effortlessly by that particular person, but once you actually take on someone else’s role you begin to understand the difficulties involved and realize how special and talented that person really is.

I like to think I never take any of my coworkers for granted, but stepping into another person’s shoes and doing what they’re doing, no matter what end of the interactive and traditional marketing and advertising services they’re on, really makes me value their presence here even more. Because everything always looks easier from the outside looking in.