Water Weekend (What a Weekend)

It seems that June is going to be the month of rain.  Always seems to be raining anymore.  Not that it’s putting off too many outdoor activities, luckily most things I’ve had to do are indoors.  This weekend was no different, with the wedding theme.  Saturday was a fun evening out with some of the work crew.  Jess went and got herself hitched, so we all showed up to celebrate.  And by celebrate I mean eat, drink, and be merry.  And merry it was.  Jess looked lovely and we all had a blast.  Apparently elsewhere nearby there was flooding that required boat rescues.  Go figure.  Sunday was my soon-to-be-sister-in-law’s bridal shower.  We got the bride and groom a toaster oven.  I found it to be really funny, but I don’t think anyone else thought it to be funny, but I did.  Again the party was great, and I am convinced the wedding will be fantastic, even if I’ll be in a dress.  I did get to spend time with my 6-month-old niece, which is always fantastic, and that I’d have to say was the highlight of my weekend.

So here we are then, back at work on a Monday, needing rest from the weekend, finding that sometimes focus gets lost, but never straying too far from the plan.  We’re working on proposals for several projects all at the same time, with a good deal of programming projects coming in and keeping us busy.  I started working last week on getting the basic form code in to modify and list items from a database.  I’ll be continuing that code later on.  We’ve transitioned a bit to a custom framework for our online application building, we will continue to go down that path since it makes the most sense for flexibility and modifications.