Web base Application Engineering with intelligence

A software developer often seeks to pragmatically develop an application that is polymorphic in nature by using the most re-usability tactics and strategy known in the dynamic system development phases of the application. The developer must always keep in mind the logic of the software is always in a state of change. With that in mind, a polymorphic application can take different form no matter what drastic changes need to be made. In an e-commerce web-based application development environment the developer must always keep in mind that sometimes client might change how they want the application to function. So with that in mind, the developer will often have to remove components or add components or change the components functionality completely. The methodology used to develop such systems must be able to adapt to changes. Adaptability is the most powerful feature software can possess, such software would have to have a level of configuration management layer to adapt to changes. The developer must use empirical knowledge of pass experience and intuition to engineer and intrinsic system for adaptability.The current trend of technology makes it easy to extrapolate what the feature demands are and a software engineer must always keep that in mind because they don’t want the application to become obsolete.