After a long weekend of getting back to the gym, spending half a day at a funeral, half a day watching various sporting events with Luke and a full Sunday with a headache, this morning’s rush of issues seemed to roll off my back with only a slight twinge of that frantic feeling.  Our server updates are still in progress which leaves me with nothing short of distress, it shouldn’t have taken a full week to get three servers put on to firewalls, even with the 40 IPs or so that they have assigned to them.  We also had a small issue with a client not receiving emails, which I had to look into first thing.  It seems to me that it’s more difficult to explain to a client that their email system is having the problem than actually having the problem yourself.  At least in this case I had the emails and logs as proof, but I’m sure I’ll have a comeback later and there will be a battle of the IT.

This morning’s task is to get Fusion Reactor up and running on the server.  The purpose of this system is to provide some Coldfusion metrics on our Medical website server, which is currently brimming with activity.  The setup itself was a  bit confusing. It tried to set itself up with an incorrect Coldfusion instance at first, leaving me questioning whether or not this great program really worked. After an uninstall and the old ‘lets start over’, I realized my mistake and everything was great.  The next problem was setting up datasources.

In order for programs like this to link into the various pieces of the Coldfusion server, we have to add in a JDBC wrapper to the datasources.  This then logs the request and passes it on like a normal database request, then gets back the information and so on.  It means we can track how many queries run and how quickly (or slowly in some cases) on each and every page hit on our webserver.  This will show which queries we need to tweak and which are running smoothly.  In the end, the idea is to fine tune our server and have it working in tip top shape in no time.  By having to improve our work, we improve our knowledge base and can keep a suite of best practices that help all of our projects work safely and securely in short time.